Facebook Pixel can help your Business Grow

Facebook Pixel can help your Business Grow

How should they do this? Is it essential? What are the benefits? How will it help them grow their online businesses? And just what the heck IS a Facebook Pixel anyway?

There are a lot of Facebook Pixel resources floating around the Internet, but many of them are overly complicated So, today, we’re going to clear the air.

What is Facebook Pixel?
Although it may sound like some sort of itsy-bitsy image file, a Facebook Pixel is actually a snippet of code that you install on your website. It sits, hidden within your site’s main code structure and, when users visit and interact with your site, the Pixel plants cookies that help you track their activity. Then it relays this data back to your Facebook Ad account, where you can use it to create smart, strategic campaigns. The Pixel’s data helps you understand your audience’s needs, wants, and habits, so you can tailor your ads to catch their attention. Using it, you can:
Improve the performance of existing ads based on Pixel-collected data
Build and refine targeted audience groups for new campaigns
Retarget (or remarket) warm leads, which means showing specific ads to people who have already visited your site
That last one is the biggie. Say you’re scrolling through your Facebook feed and see an ad for an online yoga class. You’ve never heard of the teacher or the class, or the platform, so you’re likely to scroll right by. Now imagine you’re scrolling and suddenly see an ad for an online class taught by an instructor you trust whose blog you were just reading. The ad reinforces an existing interest and reminds you to take action, so you’re MUCH more likely to click and register. And that’s remarketing; Following up with people who’ve sought you out and consumed your content to nudge them toward purchasing. It’s simple, intuitive, and incredibly effective.

How do I use the information my Facebook Pixel gathers?
Once you’ve got a nice little stockpile of data, it’s time to devise and launch a few Facebook ad campaigns. Once you know who is doing what on your Name stream site or website, you can get your ads in front of them and encourage them to interact, sign up, or purchase.

On posts you can set determining goals, crafting savvy campaigns, and using retargeting to your advantage. Facebook’s own ad hub also has some helpful guidance and advice. You can run a campaign on virtually any budget and for any length of time, so don’t be afraid to experiment a little! Keep careful notes on what works and what flops so you can tweak your strategies.


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