How to Become a Successful YouTuber?

How to Become a Successful YouTuber?

If you want to create a youtube channel it's very easy. But if you want to grow your channel successfully it's pretty hard. Youtube has been changed their policy. So you need to follow their all rules fully. If you don’t obey their rules then youtube is not for you. If you can do hard work, can create unique content and follow all rules then you are welcome to youtube.

How to customize youtube channel

1. Logo: Create a relevant logo with your content. If you don't know how to create a logo for a youtube channel then you can ask your friend who know logo design. Or you can search on youtube to know how you can design a logo.

2. Channel art: You should also set up your channel art. Same tips for the logo and channel art.

3. Channel keywords: You should set channel keywords. You should do firstly keywords research. Try to find out long tails keywords.

4. Channel homepage setup: I saw many channels that they do not customize their channel homepage. I think its really bad experience for your viewer if you don't customize your channel homepage. You can set a channel trailer, recent videos, popular videos on your channel homepage.

5. Create Playlist: You should create the playlists so that your viewers can watch video on by one. Other one thinks your playlist can be rank on youtube search result.

6. About: You should write about your channel. What content have on your channel and which content you will publish regularly on your channel just simply write about this. So that visitor can know about your channel and if they love this topic they will subscribe to your channel.

How some tips to gain more views and more subscriber

Here some strategy to gain views and subscriber. But mind it you should work hard and hard.

1. Title and description: You should choice interesting title within your topic. And mind it, you need to include your keywords on your video title. Try to write a long description. Include your keywords on description first paragraph and last paragraph(Important). You should write a relevant description of your topic.

2. Tags: Research your keywords and try to use long tail keywords. Try to use 4-10 tag on your video. Many people trust the first tag should be your main keywords.

3. Thumbnail: You should create an eye catch thumbnail. This will act as the Clickbait for your video. Make HD and attractive thumbnail. Mind it thumbnail is the big face for viewers to click on your video to watch. (Check out my Thumbnail below).

4. End Screen and Cards: Use end screen and cards on your videos. Try to use same category end screen and cards on your videos. So that you can get more click and more views on other videos. You can use videos, playlist, subscribe us button on your cards and end screen.

5. Marketing in 24 hours: When you publish your video from that time to next 24 hours try your best for marketing your video. Try to gain so views on your new video.

6. Comment on others videos: This is one of the best ways to gain first-time views and comments on your new videos. I love this way to get views and comments on my new videos. Find out new channels and comment on their videos and subscribe to their channel. Don't comment without watching the video. You should watch minimum 1.30-2 min video. And don't ask for subscribing to your channel. Simply comment about the video. Try to build up relation with them.

7. Response to Comment: If anyone comment on your videos then responds on the comments. Let to know them that you are very happy with them.

8. Share your Content: Maybe your content is amazing. But if anyone doesn't watch your videos then your videos value is zero. Find out the best content sharing platform and share your content.


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